I’ll get you moving.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

Andreas loves life. Everyone who knows him appreciates his positive approach to it. Having a conversation or training with him can be enough to completely change one’s world.

His mission is clear, to get people moving and coaching them on their life’s journey.

Andreas believes that everything he does should be beneficial for each and every individual. In a professional context this means: “Win-win or no deal!”

Andreas and his own brand “Andreas Ullrich – Ich bewege dich (I’ll get you moving)”, stands for professional training, personal coaching as well as inspirational talks. Among other things, how to live a healthier life including more time and money.

Furthermore, as the founder of “groopya” Andreas lives and works as an entrepreneur. He has also published a book called “Power Papa!


the personal trainer

For more than eight years Andreas has by having a holistic approach to training helped several clients achieving physical and mental breakthroughs.

By inspiring his clients and helping them setting explicit goals each training session with him as well as the individual´s own workouts become more successful.

He understood early on that training and coaching has to go beyond the individual training sessions.

Why train with Andreas?

Andreas is not only empowering and educating his clients within physical training but also helping them to change their daily habits and attitudes.

Thus by bringing out an individual´s full potential he helps them achieve more success and happiness in life.

With his astonishing knowlege and fascinating abilities he finds the right approach for anyone to succeed.




the metabolism / micronutrient coach

Feelings of exhaustion, lack of energy, sluggish bowels or being slightly irritated as soon as you are hungry as well as hunger pangs or frequent cravings for sweets all indicate a metabolic dysfunction.

Furthermore, even if you are “doing everything right” – exercising and eating healthy – sometimes you still do not succeed in losing weight or freeing that beloved six-pack. This can be a result of your body suffering from an excess of acids or being programmed for war and famine.

For a body filled with an excess of acids it is hard to let go of any additional fat. Likewise, a body programmed for war and famine is not burning any additional fat. Instead it is set for survival – retain and, if possible, store more fat. A program which has helped the mankind survive during even the most severe conditions. However, a program that today is considered to be superfluous – at least in our region of the world – where people have a free excess to food on a daily basis.

Simplicity is one of Andreas´s mottos.

No matter if your goal is to regain energy or loose body fat Andreas will by using simple methods, keeping close contact and supporting you through all the necessary steps help you cleanse and reprogram your body in order to achieve the most incredible results.

Andreas knows the way. He knows how to influence and move people in the right direction. With your commitment and his knowledge, nothing is impossible to achieve.

the author

Andreas is very proud to present his book “Power Papa!”. A book highly appreciated by both dads and their children as well as the whole family.

The book is perfect for all those dads who is struggling to find time for both working out and spending some quality time with their kids.

The training approach complies with the principles of functional training applied by Andreas. By implementing playful elements, training can be both efficient and fun. Breaks are used meaningfully so that everyone keeps on moving. The kids do not get bored and the dads achieve great results within a short period of time.

For more information and to order the book check out PowerPapa! at amazon.

the networker

Andreas loves to help people achieve their dreams and goals. He, therefore, devotes his time and energy to teach people how to become successful and work ethically in a network.

There are a lot of people who work hard and still do not have enough money by the end of the month. Others are investing a lifetime in becoming successful and earning lots of money by the cost of seeing their children growing up via Skype or Facetime. Both situations are neither optimal nor desirable.

Andreas believes that sooner or later our working and professional environment must and will change completely.

The solution is to build a passive income. How much money do you need every month to live a more relaxed life? Or which monthly income would change your life completely?

All we need is to make a decision to change and by using a different approach provide a solution to the problem. If we keep on doing the same, we will keep on getting the same results.

For everyone interested in different concept of working and living, Andreas is available as contact partner or mentor to answer questions and help you implement a new lifestyle. No matter if you want to start big or small.

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