Projekt – Aufklärung über Ketose, Ketogene Ernährung und exogene Ketone

Projekt  – Aufklärung über Ketose, Ketogene Ernährung und exogene KetoneIst es tatsächlich das Insulin, dass uns Abnehmen erschwerrt bzw. unmöglich macht?  Was ist, wenn ich alles richtig mache, aber nichts vorwärts geht? Der oft ungesehene Faktor ist...

Eine kostenlose 7 Tages #hackyourlife Challenge für dich

Eine kostenlose 7 Tages #hackyourlife Challenge für dich Ich freue mich für dich eine geniale 7 Tages Challenge erstellt zu haben, die du kostenlos mitmachen kannst.Wir haben als Team Florence Krise, Adrian Schnell und ich einen Monat lang intensivst daran gearbeitet,...

Webinarreihe mit dem BetterwithKETONES – TEAM

Wenn du mir auf Social Media folgst - Instagram oder Facebook - ist dir bestimmt schon einmal aufgefallen, dass ich mich mehr und mehr mit dem Begriff #keto auseinandersetze. Ich organisiere mit dem BetterwithKETONES Team eine 5 teilige Webinarreihe, da die FIBO auf...

Andreas Ullrich – Ich bewege dich

Hi mein Name ist Andreas Ullrich! Ich bin Personal Trainer, Mental Coach und liebe es, Menschen in Bewegung zu bringen. Menschen wieder zum Träumen zu bewegen ist meine Berufung. Egal, ob der erste Schritt über das Training, Ernährung oder Mindset gemacht wird. Ich bewege dich!

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Felix Dimaczek
Felix Dimaczek
posted 1 year ago

I met Andi two years ago, and he has changed my life, as well as of many people around me. His knowledge and understanding in sports and health has benefited myself, and has allowed me to help other people read their goals. Furthermore, his positive, growing mindset has infected me, helping me to develop to the best version of myself.

Christoph Freisler
Christoph Freisler
posted 8 months ago

I have known Andreas for years and have been enthusiastic about his work as a personal trainer ever since. Since I started his training, I feel fit and vital and make steady progress in my physical fitness, which helps me tremendously in my job because I stand all day.
He is also a personable and sensitive person who responds to individual needs.
Andreas has a holistic approach, which means that during the training there are also coaching tips that do not only relate to physical health.
I'm always looking forward to training with Andreas!

Sascha Meyer
Sascha Meyer
posted 10 months ago

A super coach who is always looking for the best in himself and his customers. His motivating manner is infectious.

Tobias Past
Tobias Past
posted 1 year ago

Andreas is a passionate personal trainer. He has incredible expertise and can play this at each individual's goals.
Through his always positive and cheerful nature you are well repealed.
The motivation he emanates on a daily basis is just inspiring and infectious.
I can highly recommend Him through his dedicated, efficient and forward-looking manner.

Florian Landersdorfer
Florian Landersdorfer
posted 11 months ago

A coach for all cases and every area!

I met Andreas in my work during a training day and then asked him to look at my diet, my sport and my problem areas (95kg, intervertebral disc, knees).

After SIX WEEKS, in which we completely changed training, nutrition and a few other things, I stood there with 8kg less, no longer had an inflamed shoulder and my intervertebral discs only reported rarely and timidly. In addition, something like a sporty body was formed again.

After almost SIX MONTS I have a complete transformation behind me:
- 14kg less (the added muscle mass is not deducted)
- 4.7% less body fat
- BMI 4.2 points down (24.8)
- halfway defined body (so, I go back without shame and upright through the swimming pool)
- no more problems with intervertebral discs
- more focused
- and so on

And I didn't have to do without an occasional beer or glass of wine.

Thanks Andi !! - I liked your holistic approach and your style very well on the day you coached my company, and I am very happy to see how it works for me and, above all, that it can be implemented in the long term.

Dear Andi, I am sure our paths will not separate so quickly!

Mein Name ist Andreas Ullrich und ich bewege dich!
Ich bin Personal Trainer & Coach aus München.







Selbstverantwortung übernehmen

Alles beginnt damit, dass du bereit dazu bist, dass was jetzt gerade ist anzunehmen. Gewisse Entscheidungen und klar auch äußere Umstände haben dich da hingebracht wo du gerade bist.  Manche Dinge, kannst du ändern, andere kannst du nur akzeptieren und lernen damit zu...

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