If you wanna develop yourself, create changes and wanna achieve your goals you really, really need to be present.

Most of the people who worry a lot and speak words of worries are stuck in the past. If you are good at observing, you can also watch their gestures or even your own gestures. The gesture for being scared is completely different to the gesture than being open hearted. A worried gesture is looking to the bottom, don’t hold eye-contact, shredding shoulders, curved thoracic spine; While a open hearted gesture is smiling eyes and face, open chest and open hands. The same you can reckon, when you listen to your own words and actions.

For example words of worry are like:

  • I can’t,
  • I should or I shouldn’t
  • I have to

Words are really important, you can learn a lot about yourself or others if you observe just words. If you complain a lot or if you move your body in gestures of worry and fear it’s almost impossible to change your situation. Being stuck in the past is the most common situation. The problem is that your old memories are predicting what is happening to you again and again.

Then you are not anymore in control in creating real new memories in the present moment. The past holds you back.

Being present is really rare, if we are not worrying about the past, we think about things we need to do in the future. Sometimes we are also sad about things we don’t have yet or fell like never getting them. Some people are jealous and can’t be happy for others to be successful and enjoy themselves.

All this is blocking us:

  • enjoying ourself
  • changing things
  • and creating our future by the things we do right now!

Every thought, feeling and action is causing a reaction in your body. If you wisely observe yourself you can get more conscious and you can figure out what’s going on. Just watching your reactions can help you to get to know yourself better. Before you start changing it’s good to know what is going on. A lot of people are just trying to focus on the stuff they wanna achieve but don’t solve or let go the old patterns they took for granted over the years.

Most of the time there are thinking patterns that are limiting ourselves like:

  • I am not worth it
  • I can’t be loved
  • money is by the devil
  • all men are liars or girls are bitches
  • every rich made his money by seducing other people
  • I will never be 100% healthy
  • Every year I will have a cold
  • owning a business is too risky
  • I haven’t got an university degree
  • and so on…

There’s nothing wrong about goals and dreams, but – trust me – goals and dreams are fulfilled by the steps you do right now. So again we also need actions and don’t do daydreaming and keep on hoping.

If you don’t have dreams and goals you are lost, too and don’t know where your energy and actions should get you. Some goals will change during your development – that’s okay!

For setting goals and start dreaming again, my business partner and I will help you the whole January on our new blog http://wirbewegenuns.com/. The blog started on  1st of January. There will be great additional inputs with also lots of videos. You should check it out! This is – I am sorry – just in German available right now.

Get rid of the past with different ways:

1.) One is – just STOP IT – I don’t wanna be unpolite, but you don’t need more to know. Watch this short youtube video:

2.) The other way is to really go deep into your feeling  and go to the origin. A lot of feelings are just hidden but they keep on growing in the shade until they are too big to ignore. Sometimes just going there with

  • just feeling,
  • accepting,
  • understanding,
  • or talking about them

can release the bad pattern and heal yourself.

It’s simple but not easy, like always. But the work is worth it and you can stop your limitations. You can be ready for new ways of living and can feel much more energetic than before. Everyone had already moments like that. Sometimes really conciousness and sometimes not.

I wish you all the best for 2015 and don’t be too serious, even if this was a serious topic.

Your coach and friend,
Andreas Ullrich

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