Hey guys – My next few posts on my blog will be in english as I’m sure you’ve already gathered. During my travels I meet a lot of people from all around the world and there is quite a big interest in following my blog. I’m also taking this as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and improve my english writing capabilities.

Though I’ve only been traveling for two weeks, it has already made huge impact on me and my personal growth. I’ve had to handle some difficulties (when I arrived I had forgotten my ATM pin and now I’ve lost my card alltogether … fun times). Furthermore, I had to handle with being lonely while travelling on my own, until I started to speak to everyone without beeing shy and left my comfort zone and now I’ve made lots of friends. I also improved my negotiations techniques. This has been something I haven’t been comfortable with prior but now I’ve become quiet good and beginning to really enjoy it.  It’s a bit like flirting and it’s fun to see who wins the game. Here in Thailand it’s definitely something you have to do. Everything is negotiable here. I highly recommend you to take always some time for your self development, you will reach much more, be more self conscious and feel better.

After working extremely hard in Germany this past year, it’s nice to finally be able to unwind and enjoy myself here in Thailand. I really like to go with flow and it feels so good to be in „Thai Mode“. Living in the West you forget to live in the present moment and are too consumed with dwelling on the past or are too caught up in working their ass off for the future that they forget to enjoy where they’re actually at.

Living in the present isn’t easy but there are some good habits to instill and some techniques that might work for you as well. One of my biggest recommendations is living a healthy and active lifestyle. Working out, doing yoga and meditating are awesome ways to become fully aware of yourself. It’s also extremly important to set goals for yourself.  Where do you wanna be in 1, 5 and 10 years? Never loose sight of your dreams and goals  for the future. It’s important that you write your goals down. Some of the ways I do this are by keeping a list  of short term goals on my smartphone (6 months – 1 year) and I will also map out my asporational goals/ dreams on a whiteboard in my office (more on this to come in a future blog post). Never loose sight of your dreams and goals  for the future.

Until now, I traveled up from Phuket to Khao Lak and from there I did a diving trip with 5 days/ 5 nights on a liveaboard boat. You can’t know how good it can be to don’t have wifi until you really haven’t any change to get it.  Checking email, whats app, mobile messages kills your concentration and distracts you from real life and itneraction with people.

Manta Ray

Some beautiful moments from my diving trip (1 minute):

You maybe wonder why I am still blogging then and beeing active at the internet. Well, it’s becuase I’m in the process creating a new business which will enable me to work anywhere in the world. It’s always been a dream of mine to have the flexibility to  (more detail on benefits and where they can find resources to do the same on my next posts and I also highly recommend the book Meconomy for that case: http://amzn.to/1CjODIP) I wanna do what I love and also get paid good money for it. A lot of people are really unhappy with their jobs and are just waiting until friday night to get out of the office and have life again. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s just not the way I wanna live and probably a lot of people have the same opinion about that. But they can’t see the chances and don’t do a lot of self education where they could get the knowledge and confidence from, to build an own business.

Right now I am installing some routines – like lots of reading, working out two times a day, doing some meditation and pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone as much as possible. More to come in an upcoming blog post. Furthermore I also save at least 2 hours for work a day. Usually I get up early and finish that, so I can relax the other time much more.

A lot of people wonder when they see me talk that I am „just“ 24. All my travels and interest in self developement helped me to get more self conscious and self confident.When I was 17 I walked over the Alps from Munich to Venice. That has been a complete life chaning experience for me. Before that little walk over 3 weeks and 10.000m up / 10.000m down and 550 km straight, I have been sick most of the time and haven’t been really sporty. During this long walk over the Alps I got really fit. When we started we could hardly stick to the estimated time limits that were planned and at the end of the trip we were jogging with our huge backpacks and did 2-3 times of the planned distances.

At the age of 18/19 I travelled by myself across the east cost and the red centre of Australia where I also had to exit my well-known comfort zones.

Of course there had been many more events of travel, but these two had the biggest impact. I already visited Thailand last year, but this time I am on my own and I’m also working here, so this a huge difference. I already gave three sessions of Personal Training and two sessions of Grouptraining in english and improved my skills teaching in english. But I will set my focus on the internet during travelling. I have some projects I am working on, like preparing motivational events, finishing my first book and creating a new blog with my business partner who will join me in december. The biggest beenefit working from Thailand is, I still get paid european money, the cost of living in THailand is pretty cheap and I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At my facebookfanpage and especially my facebook profile you can find a lot of small inputs, pictures and videos for more motivation, inspiration that will add some more impact to this blog.



I also recommend my YouTube Videos, there will soon be  a lot more of short inspirational and motivational videos in english!


All the best on your trip to a high performer and self consiousness happy person,
Andreas Sylvester Ullrich

Sylvester Ullrich

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