Why am I a personal trainer?

Most people who know me see me as a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, appreciate my positive energy, and admire my attitude towards life. Many assume I have always been like that. Quite the contrary, and of course there are still difficult phases today. For me what matters most is how I deal with them. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Yes, I’ve felt shit, too

A lot of people cannot imagine today that I used to be a totally different person. I actually haven’t always been athletic and my diet also used to be completely different.

I was addicted to computers and lived on fast food. Maybe that was an escape mechanism after my father died when I was 13. But that’s a different subject. However, I wouldn’t say that time was all bad and I would also like to give many parents hope. I learnt a lot during this time. During the time of my computer addiction at the age of 14, I inspired others with my abilities, even if only via a keyboard, headed a clan and was leading people who were more than 15 years older than me. There were team conferences with headsets which were partly also held in English.

However, I couldn’t really find fulfilment. If I had been healthier at that time, I might have looked for an entirely different “playground”. In my childhood and youth I was mainly one thing, and that was permanently ill and down with a cold. Any attempt at eating more healthily or doing sport frustrated me as the next cold or bronchitis came anyway. That easily creates an “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

Thank God a fire kept burning inside me, always bringing me back to certain issues. One thought which keeps moving me is: “This can’t be all! There must be more to life than that!”

Fortunately, at the right time girls became more interesting as well. They weren’t really impressed by computer games. I resorted to all books dealing with self-healing (ranging from the very medical to the very esoteric) and worked hard on my view of the world. Bit by bit my view changed and I moved from feeling like a victim to a position of taking personal responsibility. That means: “Yes, life is shit right now but I’ll find a way out of it to lead the life I want.”

Everything begins with the first step

What was the first step for me?

With hindsight it’s probably often easier to say how it started. But I firmly believe that it’s also about just getting going. My first step was going on a journey despite a slight cold. I started walking from Munich to Venice across the Alps. 550 km and 10,000 km up and down and you’re there. Most of the time I walked at an altitude of more than 2,000 m and occasionally even more than 3,000 m.

I learned so much on this journey:

  1. the mind is stronger than the body
  2. the body adjusts to the challenges
  3. the mind adjusts to the challenges
  4. step by step
  5. keep going even if it’s not going too well
  6. never lose sight of where you want to go
  7. after a break of one day it’s damned hard to go on, it’s better to take it slowly for one day (and by that I don’t mean that regeneration isn’t important – quite the contrary)

I will certainly write much more on the individual items in other posts.

For me that journey was definitely the breakthrough because I realised what is possible if you just stick to something.

The way it was I started being fairly unfit and got fit on my journey. This fascinated me so much that I started exercising regularly afterwards, trying things out and learning. This process hasn’t ended until today. What I love particularly is that all other areas of my life have developed as a result. Especially the aspect of how I work, how I manage myself and how I build my own business follows principles similar to that of my training.

Why do so many successful people do sport or why are many successful athletes also successful in business? Maybe for this reason? And if that isn’t the reason, it’s because success always comes from within. And in order to have long-term success, we have to treat ourselves with care as well.

We need exercise!

Standing still is a step backwards

I don’t think you can change yourself. Maybe change is the wrong word. It’s not that YOU are not good the way you are now. But maybe you are unhappy with your current situation and just want more. If we stop developing we stand still and to me standing still is nothing other than taking a step backwards. However, growth and personal development should not turn into stress.

Not WHAT and HOW but WHY

Often progress is already achieved through awareness. If I simply make my clients “track”, i.e. record, their food intake for a defined period of time, they will become much more aware of what they eat. Eating habits will improve. Particularly as the difficulty with most things in life does not lie in knowing WHAT to do but in the implementation, that is HOW to do it.

The far more interesting question when you want to change your life is to ask yourself WHY, for example, you want to eat more healthily. What exactly do you associate with it? Because if there is an emotional WHY, you will always find solutions for HOW and WHAT.

Choose goals or, rather, a vision

If I associate a new state which is much better than the old one with the success of the process of change, difficulties cannot block the prospect of the new goal.

Imagine climbing a summit means everything to you. On your way to the summit you walk up and down, you cross woods, but whenever you look up, you will always see your goal. No hill or mountain can block the view of your goal and the summit magically attracts you. If you choose a lower summit, you might get lost repeatedly or lose orientation. If the summit is high enough, though, you won’t lose sight of it and even if the paths go up and down and do not always head straight for the summit, you know the direction is right.

What was my vision? 

I actually have to say “what is my vision” as I keep living it. I want to keep learning, both physically and mentally. Especially at the time when I was unfit I felt that I was capable of far more and that I just wanted to live my life. That was my primary incentive. Back then it was almost unimaginable to me to possess this body and this energy.

It is my aim to utilise my own potential. And I experience the greatest happiness if I can help others to develop their full potential!

That is why I am a personal trainer or, in fact, a coach!

Andreas Ullrich

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Why am I a personal trainer?

Most people who know me see me as a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, appreciate my positive energy, and admire my attitude towards life. Many assume I have always been like that. Quite the contrary, and of course there are still difficult phases today. For me what matters...

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